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Published in 11:17 of 06/16/2019


P-113: Parker Vacumatic, Junior, black

Parker Vacumatic, Junior.(c 1934). First Generation. Cap and barrel black celluloid. Standard, Vacumatic lockdown filler. Fully restored with new diaphragm. Gold filled clip and double barrel band. Double black jewels. Fully restored with new diaphragm and excellent function. Strong barrel imprint. No date code visible (see below). Nib: Vacumatic, monotone, fine, firm, with minimal flex. Imprinted 4. Measures: 4 15/16" (118 mm) capped. Condition: extra fine. A very good example of a very early vacumatic suitable for regular use and may in fact be very collectible. Specifically, Parker did not begin using date codes until 1935. In addition the earliest vacumatics were made of black (non-laminated) celluloid. Go Top