Published in 23:40 of 08/31/2018 by will

Published in 23:40 of 08/31/2018


PE-42: Pelikan 100N Magnum

Pelikan 100N Magnum (Oversize) (c 1935). Cap, inner cap and piston turning knob are red hard rubber. Cap imprint "emege", "Pelikan Patent". Cap logo four chick/nest. Barrel: Brown-cream tortoise shell celluloid. Nib: Original Pelikan 14 KT subtended by the distinctive triangle, fine with 2/4+ semiflex. Measures; 5-0" capped. Condition: Near mint. The Magnum retains many of the features of the 100 series manufactured between 1929 and 1937 and while "oversized", it is only fractionally longer and wider than the 100 series. It is the largest vintage pen manufactured by Pelikan prior to 1950 and is relatively rare, especially in near mint condition and very collectible.

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