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Published in 07:23 of 04/01/2019


PE-62: Pelikan 100 N Milano (Brown marble/tortoise)

Pelikan Milano 100N (c 1940-47). Piston Filler. Black celluloid cap with brown marbleized integrated binde. Clear amber window. Pre-1947 step down section. Gold filled trim. Marked "Pelikan Patent" above clip band. Fully restored with excellent function. Nib: Very rare Pelikan 585 unique rhomboid insert noted only in Pelikan Milano pens. It is fine with very good responsive flex. Measures: 4-7/8" (124 mm). Condition and Comment: Excellent near mint example of a very rare Italian manufactured Pelikan pen with a brown marbleized tortoise binde. The pen exhibits several major differences from a German made 100N pen. The tortoise celluloid "sleeve" shows no step at the ink window. In fact, its not a sleeve, instead, the barrel is made from two pieces, one solid transparent part and one solid tortoise celluloid part. This is a rare and historically interesting pen is highly collectible.

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