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Published in 23:36 of 05/30/2019


PE-73: Pelikan 520N Milano. Rolled Gold Overlay

Pelikan 520N (c 1950-56) Piston Filler. Rolled Gold Cap and barrel overlay. Alternating linear wave pattern. Cap band inscribed "LAM" indicating Italian laminate (Laminato). A few superficial small dents in cap and barrel. . Logo: two chick logo. Fully restored with excellent function. Nib: Pelikan Gold 585 14 Ct KEF. Fine with good responsive semiflex. Measures: 5-1/16" capped. Condition: This model was only produced for only one short year, 1956, according to Dittmer and Lehmann Pelikan Writing Instruments . It is far rarer than even the 520NN which was produced for several years. It is in extra fine condition and very collectible.

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