PE-49: Pelikan 100 N Milano Pen Pencil Set

Pelikan 100 N Milano (c 1950). Barrel with Integrated gray marbleized binde material. Cap marked "Milano". Nib: Fine, semi flex, "Pelikan 585 14 kt. Measures: 4-13/16" (123 mm) capped. Condition: Extra fine. Pencil: with matching binde, push button function, excellent function. This relative rare pen and pencil set is highly collectible. It was produced in Milan, Italy shortly after the end of WW II. Pelikan transfered all hard rubber production to Italy when the Company adopted injection molding technology.

PE-48: Pelikan 100 N/400 striated binde Prototype

c1954 Pelikan 100N PIF. Red cap (acrylic?) with double gold filled band. Celluloid barrel has a perfectly clear green window and striking irregular 400 type striped. Nib: Medium, with semi flex. Markings are typical of the early Pelikan 1950 nib. Measures: 4-15/16 "(124 mm) capped. Condition: Near mint with no signs of use. Price: $2,000. This unique 100N/400 prototype/ transition model utilizes a 400 nib style striped binde and is relatively rare. Measures: 4-7/8" (123 mm) capped. Condition: Near Mint. This relatively uncommon pen in this condition is highly collectible.

PE-45: Pelikan 400N

Pelikan 400N (1955-56) PIF. Black celluloid cap. GFT clip and single cap band. inscribed "400+Pelikan". Barrel: Grey striped celluloid (early). Nib: "Pelikan C 585 slight left oblique, med-broad with semiflex. Fully restored with excellent function. Measures: Total length 128 mm capped. Cap length: 60 mm. Condition: near mint. The 400N was manufactured for just 11 months in 1956, the 400N is the least common of the early 400 series. It is relatively rare and collectible. For Comparison see: Top 400NN, Mid 400N and bottom 400.

PE-44: Pelikan 100 Demonstrator

Pelikan 100 Demonstrator. PIF. Produced by Rick Propas. Early BHR cap with two pairs of vent holes and early 4 chick logo. Removable green marbled binde over clear light green barrel. Excellent function. New cork. Nib: Pelikan 14 karat. fine-medium with semiflex. Measures; 4-13/16" capped. Condition: Extra fine.

PE-43: Pelikan 100N (Gold, Solid)

Pelikan 100N (c 1938). PIF. Cap and Barrel gold overlay/binde, Excellent engraved fine guilochee pattern. Pelikan "585 14ct" hallmarks on cap and barrel. Engraved "19-38", initials "HAYL". A few superficial small (< 1 mm) dents are present on the cap and binde. Excellent function. New cork. Clear amber barrel window. Sharp outstanding logo, early 4 chick, Nib: Pelikan 14 karat. fine-medium with semiflex. Measures; 4-13/16" capped. Condition: Extra fine. This pen is probably one that was released in celebration of Pelikan's 100th anniversary (1938), The principal design variations of the model 100 were used. It is an excellent example of an early 585 (solid) gold pen suitable for daily use or a collection.

PE-35: Pelikan 100N (Milano)

Pelikan 100N Milano (c1938) PF. Made in the Milan Italian factory. Cap: Black Celluloid. One piece Integrated barrel binde is distinctive. There is no separate sleeve. Perfectly clear green celluloid window. Gold filled trim. Perfect filling function. Completely restored. Nib: Extra fine (EF on piston turning knob) with unique elongated tines and excellent flexibility (3/4+) and very smooth and has been described as having an "Italian feel". Measures: 4-7/8" capped. Condition: Near mint.

ES-15: Esterbrook Relief Eyedropper

Esterbrook Eyedropper.BHR. Nib: 14 kt. max flex. Gold. Measures: 5.5" capped. Condition: nrM. This very, rare, perhaps one of a kind was probably manufactured in England circa 1916.