PE-75: Pelikan 400 Green/Green

This relatively rare pen is known as a 400 Green/Green was manufactured from 1954-56. The Green/Green celluloid was also produced in the 400NN model and at least one example of a 400N green/green is known to exist. All parts of the green/green pen, including the cap, section and piston knob are composed of this distinctive bluish tinted green celluloid.

PE-63: Pelikan 400 grey striated, set, early

Pelikan 400 Pen pencil set. . (c1954-56). Piston Filler. Black celluloid, cap and barrel. Measures: Condition: Near Mint. Collectible

ES-32: Esterbrook Visumaster

Esterbrook Visumaster (c 1941) . Lever filler. Cap and barrel composed of brilliant marbled green plastic. Metal cap jewel engraved "Esterbrook". Fully restored. Barrel 5/16" wide clear window. Nib: Starburst no 3550. Measures: 5-0" capped. Condition: Near mint This relatively rare pen is highly collectible. (see ES-13)

PE-37: Pelikan 400 (green/green)

Pelikan 400 Green/green (c 1952) Piston Filler. Cap, section and piston turning knob blue tinted green celluloid. Barrel: linear striated celluloid. Gold filled trim. Perfect piston fill function. Steel inner cap sleeve. threaded piston knob, Nib: Screw in "Pelikan 585 14 kt" , fine, with semiflex responsive flex. Cap, section and piston turning knob are comprised of green celluloid with a bluish tint. Barrel: green/blue linear striated celluloid. Gold filled trim. Cap top logo has a small superficial small burr. Perfect piston fill function. Steel inner cap sleeve. threaded piston knob, Measures: 5-0"(126 mm) capped. Condition: Near mint. This early 400 series pen with green/green celluloid with blue-green tinted celluloid section and piston turning knob is extremely rare) .. possibly the rarest of the 400s. Prototype ? Note: similar color pattern has been reported in 400N and 400NN versions.

PE-83: Pelikan 100N

Pelikan 100N (c1940) PF. Made in Germany. Cap and barrel, black injection molded plastic. Gold filled trim. Perfect filling function. Completely restored. Nib: Extra fine (EF on piston turning knob) with very good flexibility and smooth. Measures: 4-7/8" capped. Condition: Extra fine.

ES-39: Esterbrook J Prototype Shop Model

Esterbrook J Shop model. End jewel barrel is unique geometric round pyramidal. Prototype. LF. Excellent funtion. Nib: Esterbrook no.2314 ( fine-firm). Excellent writer. Measures: 5-7/16 capped. Condition: Near Mint. Collectible .

ES-15: Esterbrook Relief Eyedropper

Esterbrook Eyedropper.BHR. Nib: 14 kt. max flex. Gold. Measures: 5.5" capped. Condition: nrM. This very rare, perhaps one of a kind, eyedropper pen was probably manufactured in England circa 1916.

ES-13: Esterbrook Visumaster

Esterbrook Visumaster (c 1941) LF. Cap and Barrel, vibrant mottled burgundy plastic. Distinctive metal cap top. Nib: 2284. Measures: 4 7/8". Condition: NrM. Rare and Collectible. (also see ES-32) . The Visumaster production preceded Esterbrook's J-Series (produced in 1948) and has been referred to as the first of the J-Series pen or a prototype. It appeared in the 1941 catalog and was short-lived These pens are characterized by the unique alternating thin and wide strips of marbled plastic and the clear visulated 5/16" wide section. The visumaster is of high quality and superior to the J series. Also see ES-32

WE-7: Wahl-Eversharp Skyline 64 set (14 kt gold caps)

Wahl-Eversharp Skyline " 64 set". (c.1943) Pen and Pencil 14 kt gold caps. Burgundy plastic barrel. LF. Fully restored. Nib: Eversharp medium with minimal flex. Measures: 5-3/8" capped. Condition: ExF

MB-11: Montblanc 254

Montblanc 254 (c1957-9) Black celluloid cap and barrel. GFT double cap band. Fully restored. Nib: wing nib, fine with very good flex and smooth writer. Measures: 5- 1/4" (134 mm) capped. Condition: 0.75 inch fine hairline cracks in cap. No effect on function. Priced accordingly and sold "as is".

P-4: Parker RHR Duofold Bandless

Parker Duofold Bandless. (c 1922). BF. Fully restored. Red Hard Rubber. Largest, early "DUOFOLD" imprint. No 6 imprint on blind cap Nib: Duofold medium. slight flex. Measures: 5.6" capped. Condition: NrM. Outstanding collectible