PE-75: Pelikan 400 Green/Green

This relatively rare pen is known as a 400 Green/Green was manufactured from 1954-56. The Green/Green celluloid was also produced in the 400NN model and at least one example of a 400N green/green is known to exist. All parts of the green/green pen, including the cap, section and piston knob are composed of this distinctive bluish tinted green celluloid.

ES-32: Esterbrook Visumaster

Esterbrook Visumaster (c 1941) . Lever filler. Cap and barrel composed of brilliant marbled green plastic. Metal cap jewel engraved "Esterbrook". Fully restored. Barrel 5/16" wide clear window. Nib: Starburst no 3550. Measures: 5-0" capped. Condition: Near mint This relatively rare pen is highly collectible. (see ES-13)

PE-45: Pelikan 400N

Pelikan 400N (1955-56) PIF. Black celluloid cap. GFT clip and single cap band. inscribed "400+Pelikan". Barrel: Grey striped celluloid (early). Nib: "Pelikan C 585 slight left oblique, med-broad with semiflex. Fully restored with excellent function. Measures: Total length = 128 mm capped. Cap length: 60 mm. Condition: near mint. The 400N was manufactured for just 11 months in 1956, the 400N is the least common of the early 400 series. It is relatively rare and collectible. For Comparison see: Top 400NN, Mid 400N and bottom 400.

PE-37: Pelikan 400 (green/green)

Pelikan 400 Green/green (c 1952) Piston Filler. Cap, section and piston turning knob blue tinted green celluloid. Barrel: linear striated celluloid. Gold filled trim. Perfect piston fill function. Steel inner cap sleeve. threaded piston knob, Nib: Screw in "Pelikan 585 14 kt" , fine, with semiflex responsive flex. Cap, section and piston turning knob are comprised of green celluloid with a bluish tint. Barrel: green/blue linear striated celluloid. Gold filled trim. Cap top logo has a small superficial small burr. Perfect piston fill function. Steel inner cap sleeve. threaded piston knob, Measures: 5-0"(126 mm) capped. Condition: Near mint. This early 400 series pen with green/green celluloid with blue-green tinted celluloid section and piston turning knob is extremely rare) .. possibly the rarest of the 400s. Prototype ? Note: similar color pattern has been reported in 400N and 400NN versions.

ES-39: Esterbrook J Prototype Shop Model

Esterbrook J Shop model. End jewel barrel is unique geometric round pyramidal. Prototype. LF. Excellent funtion. Nib: Esterbrook no.2314 ( fine-firm). Excellent writer. Measures: 5-7/16 capped. Condition: Near Mint. Collectible .

ES-15: Esterbrook Relief Eyedropper

Esterbrook Eyedropper.BHR. Nib: 14 kt. max flex. Gold. Measures: 5.5" capped. Condition: nrM. This very rare, perhaps one of a kind, eyedropper pen was probably manufactured in England circa 1916.

ES-13: Esterbrook Visumaster

Esterbrook Visumaster (c 1941) LF. Cap and Barrel, vibrant mottled burgundy plastic. Distinctive metal cap top. Nib: 2284. Measures: 4 7/8". Condition: NrM. Rare and Collectible. (also see ES-32) . The Visumaster production preceded Esterbrook's J-Series (produced in 1948) and has been referred to as the first of the J-Series pen or a prototype. It appeared in the 1941 catalog and was short-lived These pens are characterized by the unique alternating thin and wide strips of marbled plastic and the clear visulated 5/16" wide section. The visumaster is of high quality and superior to the J series. Also see ES-32

MB-11: Montblanc 254

Montblanc 254 (c1957-9) Black celluloid cap and barrel. GFT double cap band. Fully restored. Nib: wing nib, fine with very good flex and smooth writer. Measures: 5- 1/4" (134 mm) capped. Condition: 0.75 inch fine hairline cracks in cap. No effect on function. Priced accordingly and sold "as is".