PE-44: Pelikan 100 Demonstrator

Pelikan 100 Demonstrator. PIF. Produced by Rick Propas. Early BHR cap with two pairs of vent holes and early 4 chick logo. Removable green marbled binde over clear light green barrel. Excellent function. New cork. Nib: Pelikan 14 karat. fine-medium with semiflex. Measures; 4-13/16" capped. Condition: Extra fine.

PE-37: Pelikan 400 (Blue Celluloid)

Pelikan 400 (c 1952) PIF. Extremely rare. Prototype. Cap, section and piston turning knob blue celluloid. Barrel: green/blue linear striated celluloid. Gold filled trim. Cap top logo: superficial small burr. Perfect piston fill function. Steel inner cap sleeve. threaded piston knob, Nib: Screw in "Pelikan 585 14 kt" , fine, with semiflex responsive flex. Measures 5-0"(126 mm) capped. Condition: Near mint. This early 400 series pen with a blue celluloid section and piston turning nob is very rare, possibly the rarest of the 400s.

P-73: Parker Duofold Jr. Custom

Parker Duofold Jr. (c 1954) Custom. "One of a kind". Gold filled overlay with baked black and green enamel diamond pattern on Parker Duofold Jr. BF. Fully functional. Cap band engraved. "Parker Duofold". Nib: "Parker Canada". fine with semi-flex. Measures: 4 3/4" capped. Condition: Near Mint. Manufactured in UK. Illustrated in "Parker Duofold" by David Shepherd and Dan Zazove. pg.157. (2006).

ES-15: Esterbrook Relief Eyedropper

Esterbrook Eyedropper.BHR. Nib: 14 kt. max flex. Gold. Measures: 5.5" capped. Condition: nrM. This very, rare, perhaps one of a kind was probably manufactured in England circa 1916.