P-166: Parker Vacuum Filler Set

Parker Vacuum Filler Set. Lockdown filler. Cap, barrel black celluloid. Nib: Very rare "Vacuum Filler" inscribed, fine with excellent flex. Condition: extrafine. A special rare example of an iconic pen suitable for a collection.

PE-131: Pelikan 400

Pelikan 400 (c 1957-60). Piston filler: cap, section, end knob and section, celluloid; barrel knob with slight symmetrical indentation, end knob labelled OF. filler system function excellent. Cap band, clip gold filled trim. Nib: 585 14kt Extra fine, labelled (EF) with moderate flexibility. Measures: 5-0 " Condition: extra fine. Suitable for regular use .

PE-147: Pelikan 400 Light Tortoise

Pelikan 400 (c 1957). Piston Fill. Cap and Barrel: Light tortoise Measures: (138 mm) capped. Condition: Mint. This pen was produced by Pelikan for only one year. It is very suitable for a collection.

P-127: Parker 51 vac

Parker 51 Cap 1/10 14kt parallel lines. Barrel cordovan brown. Vac fill. Inscribed (.T.7). Manufactured second quarter 1947. Nib: fine-med. Measures:139 mm. Condition: extra fine. Very suitable for regular use.


PE-85: Pelikan 400 tortoise shell brown. Pen/ballpointset

Pelikan 400NN Set. (c 1954-64). Piston filler. Cap: Brown Celluloid with lightly inscribed name. Barrel: striated tortoise shell brown. Excellent function. Restored. Nib: Fine (EF) with moderate flex. Matching ballpoint pen. Pen Measures: 132 mm capped. Ballpoint measures: 133mm. Condition: Extra fine. Excellent for regular use.


PE-81: Pelikan 100 Wartime, Historic; NSDAP

Pelikan 100 (c 1935-42?) Piston Filler. Black Celluloid cap with "Wartime" cap band engraving. Gray/black marbled binde. Fully restored. Cap Imprint: "Karl Dincklage-Werk Der NSDAP* GAU SUDHANNOVER-BRAUNSCHWEIG". Nib: Pelikan CN gold plate, medium with moderate flex. Measures: 4- 9/16 " (116 mm) capped. Condition: Collectible/Near Mint. This pen is of particular historic interest. It apparently was provided by the Nazi regime (NSDAP) to the administrative authority in (Gau) Hannover, Germany. Karl Dinklage was an early Nazi supporter who died in the early 1930s. The Nazi regime established an institution honoring Dinklage in the mid 1930s.

PE-59: Pelikan 400 Green Tortoise Set

Pelikan 400 (c 1956-64) Piston Fill. Gold filled trim. Cap: black celluloid. Barrel: Striking green striated. Nib: Pelikan, extra fine (EF), width: 0.45mm with good responsive flex and very smooth. It measures: 5- 3/16" (132 mm) capped. Matching button activated pencil. Condition: Pen and pencil, Near Mint. An outstanding set suitable for regular use or collection.

MB-11: Montblanc 254

Montblanc 254 (c1957-9) Black celluloid cap and barrel. GFT double cap band. Fully restored. Nib: wing nib, fine with very good flex and smooth writer. Measures: 5- 1/4" (134 mm) capped. Condition: Good, 0.75 inch fine hairline cracks in cap, cracked cap logo. No effect on function. Priced accordingly and sold "as is".