PE-39: Pelikan 100 N red tortoise

Pelikan 100N red tortoise. Fully restored to near mint condition. Very suitable for r a collection

PE-131: Pelikan 400

Pelikan 400 (c 1957-60) PIF. cap, section, end knob and section, celluloid. Cap band, clip gold filled trim. Nib: Medium (M). Pelikan 585 14kt. 1956-60 Measures: 5-0 " Condition: Near mint. Suitable for regular use or collection.

P-144: Parker 51 aerometric

Parker 51 Aerometic filler.(c 1950) Cap: 1/10 12kt. Converging five lines. Barrel: Navy grey. Nib: gold, fine. Measures: 138 mm capped. Condition: Extra fine. Fullly restored with excellent function. Suitable for regular use or collection.

PE-142: Pelikan 400 Light Tortoise

Pelikan 400 (c 1957). Piston Fill. Cap and Barrel: Light tortoise Measures: (138 mm) capped. Condition: Mint. This pen was produced by Pelikan for only one year. It is very suitable for a collection.

P-133: Parker 51 Aerometric

Parker 51 Lustraloy Cap. Barrel: Navy grey plastic. Aerometic filler. Nib: fine; Measures: 138 mm capped. Condition Extra fine. Suitable for regular use.


P-127: Parker 51 vac

Parker 51 Cap 1/10 14kt parallel lines. Barrel cordovan brown. Vac fill. Inscribed (.T.7). Manufactured second quarter 1947. Nib: fine-med. Measures:139 mm. Condition: extra fine. Very suitable for regular use.


PE-81: Pelikan 100 Wartime, Historic; NSDAP

Pelikan 100 (c 1935-42?) Piston Filler. Black Celluloid cap with "Wartime" cap band engraving. Gray/black marbled binde. Fully restored. Cap Imprint: "Karl Dincklage-Werk Der NSDAP* GAU SUDHANNOVER-BRAUNSCHWEIG". Nib: Pelikan CN gold plate, medium with moderate flex. Measures: 4- 9/16 " (116 mm) capped. Condition: Collectible/Near Mint. This pen is of particular historic interest. It apparently was provided by the Nazi regime (NSDAP) to the administrative authority in (Gau) Hannover, Germany. Karl Dinklage was an early Nazi supporter who died in the early 1930s. The Nazi regime established an institution honoring Dinklage in the mid 1930s.

ES-39: Esterbrook J Prototype Shop Model

Esterbrook J Shop model. End jewel barrel is unique geometric round pyramidal. Prototype. LF. Excellent funtion. Nib: Esterbrook no.2314 ( fine-firm). Excellent writer. Measures: 5-7/16 capped. Condition: Near Mint. Collectible .

MB-47: Montblanc 442

Montblanc 442 (1952-54) PIF. Black Celluloid barrel, chrome cap. visualated amber barrel window. Fully restored. Nib: "Multipurpose", medium-broad with reponsive moderate flex, excellent smooth writer. Measures: 5-1/8" capped. Condition: Extra fine. Very suitable for daily use

PE-17: Pelikan 400 Green Tortoise

Pelikan 400 (c 1954-7) Piston fill, Cap: black celluloid. Barrel: green striation. Fully restored with excellent function. Gold filled trim. Nib: Pelikan 585 14C, oblique medium (OM) with responsive semi flex. Measures: 5-0" (125 mm) capped. Condition: Extra fine. Suitable for regular use.

ES-15: Esterbrook Relief Eyedropper

Esterbrook Eyedropper.BHR. Nib: 14 kt. max flex. Gold. Measures: 5.5" capped. Condition: nrM. This very rare, perhaps one of a kind, eyedropper pen was probably manufactured in England circa 1916.

ES-13: Esterbrook Visumaster

Esterbrook Visumaster (c 1941) LF. Cap and Barrel, vibrant mottled burgundy plastic. Distinctive metal cap top. Nib: 2284. Measures: 4 7/8". Condition: NrM. Rare and Collectible. (also see ES-32) . The Visumaster production preceded Esterbrook's J-Series (produced in 1948) and has been referred to as the first of the J-Series pen or a prototype. It appeared in the 1941 catalog and was short-lived These pens are characterized by the unique alternating thin and wide strips of marbled plastic and the clear visulated 5/16" wide section. The visumaster is of high quality and superior to the J series. Also see ES-32

P-75: Parker Vacuum Filler

Parker Vacuum Filler Junior. (c 1932). Earliest black opaque celluloid finish with distinctive one-piece section and barrel. Strong imprint "Parker vacuumfiller.USA". Cap with double gold filled band. Double black jewels. Nib: Early vacumatic split arrow, fine-med with slight flex. Lockdown filler. Filling system is operatives with diaphragm for unique vac filler system. Measures: 5-1/8" (125 mm) capped. Condition: Extra Fine - Near Mint. The vacuum-filler model was among the first vacumatics produced, prior to the introduction date code barrel imprints in 1934, This example, in extrafine condition is very collectible.

MB-11: Montblanc 254

Montblanc 254 (c1957-9) Black celluloid cap and barrel. GFT double cap band. Fully restored. Nib: wing nib, fine with very good flex and smooth writer. Measures: 5- 1/4" (134 mm) capped. Condition: Good, 0.75 inch fine hairline cracks in cap, cracked cap logo. No effect on function. Priced accordingly and sold "as is".