"The Eversharp Desk Pen arrived today. I am amazed with how good it looks. I have inked it up with some Waterman blue black and it writes great, I could not be happier. It has been a pleasure purchasing a pen from you, and I imagine that I will do so again in the future."

- Andrew Boody

"The rose ripple was the last colour 52v I needed to complete my set of them, so I'm really glad to have been able to finally get my hands on one. I am really pleased with the condition of it, thank you so much."

- Oliver Fleming

"The pens arrived in perfect condition. You weren't kidding, these are perfectly restored and beautiful. Thank you for the gorgeous pens!"

- Connor Shirley

"Fred- the pen arrived today and it is beautiful. Thank you for the opportunity, the great service, and the excellent communication. You will hear from me next time I get the pen urge."

- Dave Robertson

"I recently purchased a wartime Montblanc 326 from Fred. The pen was completely restored and in near mint condition. The nib is fantastic and I carry it to work almost every day. I collect vintage Montblanc pens. The reputation of the seller is very important to me because I want to make sure I am buying a pen that is authentic. You can buy pen(s) from Fred with complete confidence because his reputation is impeccable."

- Greg Kessinger

"I have purchased several high quality pens from Afreva Vintage Pens and I have never been disappointed. Realistic prices, honest information along with great communications leave nothing to be desired from an on-line shopping experience. Although I do not know Fred Gorstein personally, I consider him to be a pen purist when it comes to restoring vintage pens. If it doesn’t belong in the pen you won’t find it in one of his. I will, without question, be purchasing from Fred again."

- Phil Ruvolo from NYC

"I bought a Montblanc Meisterstuck from Fred Gorstein at the Dallas Pen Show. He was amazing and made sure that I took one of his business cards. I learned so much just from speaking to him."

- Tiffany from Texas