Co-2: Ring top Endura Jr

Conklin Endura Jr. (1930) lever fill, black plastic. ring top. Nib: fine-med with minimum flex. All parts original. Restored. Filling system operates well. Slight deoxidized - reblackened. Measures: 4 3/8" capped. Condition; excellent.

Co-4: Conklin Endura Sr

Endura Sr. (c 1926) Cap and barrel red (cardinal) permanite. The section is red hard rubber.. all correct for this pen. Lever filler. Gold filled cap band, clip. Nib: Endura fine/medium, firm with semi flexibility. Fully restored with excellent function. Measures: 5 3/8" capped. Condition: Near mint with no defect. Outstanding in every way - Excellent for regular use or collection.

DK-15: Murray-Gilbert dip pen/base

Murray-Gilbert dip pen with base (c.1850). Marble stand with enamel trim is in perfect condition. Dip pen is probably sterling silver, but us unmarked. Large fine nib is very flexible and smooth.

DK-6: Parker Marble, Lion. Desk Pen base .

Parker mottled marble base with cast Lion, dual Parker pen holders. Measures: 4 x10". Condition: Perfect condition. No defects.

DK-9: Brass and Glass Ink well

Brass Ink well. with deco glass (c.1940).

DP-1: Diamond Point Eyedropper Pen

Diamond Point Eyedropper. BCHR. with Waterman Ideal 2 nib. Med flex. Measures: 5.5" capped. Condition: Exc.

EAG-1: Eagle, Glass Cartridge

Eagle Pen (c 1900) Cap and barrel black hard rubber. glass cartridge present with crack. Nib: Keyhole, fine marked "1451". All parts original. Measures: 4- 3/4" capped. Condition: Excellent. The origins of the Eagle Pen Company extend back the 1850s, initially as the Eagle Pencil Company and as later the Eagle Pen and Pencil Company. Especially noted for a line of early glass-cartridge pens that were produced in the early 1900s.

ES-11: Esterbrook Desk pen

Esterbrook Desk pen (c1950) clear taper, amber barrel, LF. nib: 9668 (firm-med) Condition: ExF

ES-13: Esterbrook Visumaster

Esterbrook Visumaster (c 1941) LF. Cap and Barrel, vibrant mottled burgundy plastic. Distinctive metal cap top. Nib: 2284. Measures: 4 7/8". Condition: NrM. Rare and Collectible. (also see ES-32) . The Visumaster production preceded Esterbrook's J-Series (produced in 1948) and has been referred to as the first of the J-Series pen or a prototype. It appeared in the 1941 catalog and was short-lived These pens are characterized by the unique alternating thin and wide strips of marbled plastic and the clear visulated 5/16" wide section. The visumaster is of high quality and superior to the J series. Also see ES-32

ES-14: Esterbook Twist Filler

Esterbrook Twist filler (c 1948). Light green marbled. Barrel with some fading a discoloration. Cap clip junction is bent. Twist filler mechanism is not operative. Nib: no.2668 fine with very slight flex. Measures: 5.25" capped. Condition: Exc. Very collectible. Examples of the twist filler are extremely uncommon

ES-15: Esterbrook Relief Eyedropper

Esterbrook Eyedropper.BHR. Nib: 14 kt. max flex. Gold. Measures: 5.5" capped. Condition: nrM. This very rare, perhaps one of a kind, eyedropper pen was probably manufactured in England circa 1916.

ES-18: Esterbrook Dollar pen. $1.50 series

Esterbrook Dollar pen (c 1932). LF. Cap and Barrel gray mottled celluloid. fully restored. Distinctive metal cap top/clip engraved "Esterbrook". Nib: no 2668, firm medium for general writing. Measures: 4 13/16". Condition: Near Mint. An excellent example of a relatively rare and highly collectible pen.

ES-19: Esterbrook Icicle

Esterbrook Icicle (c 1950) (LF) LJ size. Gray. New Silicone sac, filling fully functional, Nib:1554 ( fine,firm,clerical). Ready to write. It is excellent example of the Icicle series. All are LJ size and most were made in Mexico. For more information about the availability of Icicle pens and pencils... including miscellaneous colors and sizes, contact For detailed authoritative information regarding Icicle series pens see (Brian Anderson) and FountainPenForum.

ES-20: Esterbrook Early Dollar Pen Series

This early Esterbrook BHR (LF) Dollar pen (c1932) is fully restored with a new silicone sac, a no. 2555 fine nib and is ready to write. It has been very slightly de-oxidized (re-blackened). It is a relatively rare excellent example of the earliest Dollar pens, composed solid black hard rubber with the distinctive "V" clip introduced c. 1932-4. This pen has the earliest of the two hole clip design where the clip tapers in towards the top of cap. The lever is the early spear style. Initially these pens sold for $1.00, the basis for the series to be designated "Dollar". Measures: 4.5" capped . Condition: ExF. For more information about the availability of particular Dollar pen colors and sizes, contact For detailed authoritative information regarding Dollar pens see (Brian Anderson) and Fountain Pen Forum.

ES-21: Esterbrook Pencil Early Dollar Series

This early Esterbrook BHR (LF) Dollar series pencil, black plastic with gold filled trim is fully functional and ready to write. It is a relatively rare excellent example of the earliest Dollar series introduced c 1932-4. The cap has the earliest of the two hole clip design where the clip tapers in towards the top. Measures: 4 4/8"; Condition: ExF. More information about the availability of Dollar pens and pencils... and colors and sizes currently available contact For detailed authoritative information regarding Dollar pens see (Brian Anderson) and FountainPenForum.

ES-22: Esterbrook J Transitional

Esterbrook J Transitional pen (c 1944) Azure Blue.LF. Perfect match cap and barrel. nib:9550 fine firm . New sac. completely restored. Condition: ExF

ES-26: Esterbrook J Transitional

Esterbrook J Transitional (c 1944) Gray.marbled LF. Perfect match cap and barrel. nib: 2442 fine firm . New silicone sac. Fully restored with excellent function. Measures: 5-1/16" capped. Condition: ExF

ES-30: Esterbrook $1.50 Special

Esterbrook $1.50 Special pen (c 1934-40). LF Full size "B" model length. Burgundy/black marbled plastic. with steel trim. New sac. function excellent. Nib: Starburst no. 3556. Measures: 4-13/16" capped. Condition: ExF. Rare and collectible

ES-31: Esterbrook Bandless (Protoype?)

Esterbrook Dollar Prototype ? (c 1938) LF. Brown celluloid. Triple engraved cap band. new sac. Fully restored. excellent function. Nib: 2556 firm,fine. Measures: 4-7/8" capped. Condition: ExF. Collectible. Referring to an identical green bandless, Paul Hoban's description, "...this pen, a normal looking flattop dollar pen of this period has three grooves cut into the cap near the lip where a band should be". The pen does not appear in any Esterbrook catalog or advertising.

ES-33: Esterbrook Icicle Pen

Esterbrook Icicle Pen c 1950) Lever Filler. LJ size. Gray Celluloid with Chrome. Fully restored. Nib: 1555 "Gregg" fine-med with semi flex. Measures: 5-1/16" capped. Condition: NrMint.

ES-39: Esterbrook J Prototype Shop Model

Esterbrook J Shop model. End jewel barrel is unique geometric round pyramidal. Prototype. LF. Excellent funtion. Nib: Esterbrook no.2314 ( fine-firm). Excellent writer. Measures: 5-7/16 capped. Condition: Near Mint. Collectible .

ES-6: Esterbrook Dollar pen. Burgundy

Esterbrook Dollar pen (c 1934) Burgundy.LF. Perfect match cap and barrel. nib:1555 med/sl fles 2668. New sac. Fully restored. Measures: 5 1/8" capped. Condition: Extra fine

ES-7: Esterbrook J Transitional

Esterbrook J Transitional (c 1949) Marbled Gray/black. LF with excellent function. Nib: No 2314M little flex. Measures: 5.0" capped. Condition: ExF

JN: J NoWill Quill cutter

J NoWill Ink eraser.Quill cut.Instrument used prior to steel nibs. (c.?).In common use through the mid 19th Century

JUCO-1: Stylographic Pen

JUCO Stylographic pen. BHR. Eyedropper fill with an intact stylomechanism. " JUCO" stands for Jacob Ulrich Company. The smooth BHR barrel and cap are similar to other brands of early eyedropper pens of the era. The imprint, "JUCO Independent" is weak but readable. There is no feed. The nib inserts directly into the section. There is a very small (2 mm) chip in the BHR embellishment near the end of the barrel. Measures: 5 5/16 " capped. Condition: Extra fine (ExH). A stylographic pen, sometimes referred to a "Stylo", has a writing tip consisting of a metal tube with a fine wire inside to regulate the ink flow. See ref., Munsonpens for additional details.