Co-2: Ring top Endura Jr

Conklin Endura Jr. (1930) lever fill, black plastic. ring top. Nib: fine-med with minimum flex. All parts original. Restored. Filling system operates well. Slight deoxidized - reblackened. Measures: 4 3/8" capped. Condition; excellent.

Co-4: Conklin Endura Sr

Endura Sr. (c 1926) Cap and barrel red (cardinal) permanite. The section is red hard rubber.. all correct for this pen. Lever filler. Gold filled cap band, clip. Nib: Endura fine/medium, firm with semi flexibility. Fully restored with excellent function. Measures: 5 3/8" capped. Condition: Near mint with no defect. Outstanding in every way - Excellent for regular use or collection.