ES-17: Esterbrook Relief 2-L Blue/Blk marble

- Esterbrook Relief 2-L (c1950) LF. Blue/Blk marble. 14ct nib BBB. left oblique, mod-flex. restored. an extraordinary example of a rare pen. Condition: Extra fine.

ES-2: Esterbrook Relief No.2-L

Esterbrook Relief No.2-L. (c.1928-30). BHR. LF. Slight brass clip,.gf cap band. Restored. Measures: 13 cm capped Condition; Extra fine.

ES-36: Esterbrook Relief 2L

Esterbrook Relief 2 L (c.1950) Made in England. LF. Cap and Barrel woven gray/black cross hatch celluloid. Fully restored. New sac Nib: Fine.14 ct 2. firm.Measures: 5- 3/16" capped. Condition: Near Mint

ES-4: Esterbrook Relief No.2- L

Esterbrook Relief No.2- (c 1936-8) Celluloid, Pearl Green/Black Marble, Lever filler. Nib: 14K gold "Relief", left nib. gold filled trim, Made in England, Very good imprints. Excellent function. Measures 12.85 cm long. Condition: Near mint.