JUCO-1: Stylographic Pen

JUCO Stylographic pen. BHR. Eyedropper fill with an intact stylomechanism. " JUCO" stands for Jacob Ulrich Company. The smooth BHR barrel and cap are similar to other brands of early eyedropper pens of the era. The imprint, "JUCO Independent" is weak but readable. There is no feed. The nib inserts directly into the section. There is a very small (2 mm) chip in the BHR embellishment near the end of the barrel. Measures: 5 5/16 " capped. Condition: Extra fine (ExH). A stylographic pen, sometimes referred to a "Stylo", has a writing tip consisting of a metal tube with a fine wire inside to regulate the ink flow. See ref. VintagePens.com, Munsonpens for additional details.