MO-2: Morrison Gold Filled Overlay

Morrison Gold Filled Overlay (c 1920) Gold filled overlay over BHR. LF with excellent function. Slight brassing top of cap. Nib: Warranted no 4 fine-med with a little flex. Measures: 5.2" capped. Condition: Exc

MO-7: Morrison Gold filled Overlay

Morrison (c 1930) Gold filled filigree overlay on Black plastic. LF. Function exc. GF trim. nib: moderate flex. completely restored. Measures: 5 1/16" capped. Condition: slight brassing top of cap. Exc

Mo-1: Morrison Ladies,ring top

Morrison Ladies,ring top.Gray celluloid,LF.Morrison triple bands (c.1928).

Mo-4: Morrison Ladies, ring top

Morrison Ladies, Ring top.(c 1925). Gold filled chevron pattern. , LF not operating. Nib: warranted. Condition: especially suitable for parts.