P-133: Parker 51 Aerometric

Parker 51 Lustraloy Cap. Barrel: Navy grey plastic. Aerometic filler. Nib: fine; Measures: 138 mm capped. Condition Extra fine. Suitable for regular use.


P-146: Parker 51 vac

Parker 51 vac filler, 1946 first quarter. Gold filled cap repeating groups of 4 lines. Slight brassing cap lip. 1/10 18 kt fine-med gold nib. Barrel: cedar blue. Fully restored. New diaphragm. Condition: extrafine.

P-156: Parker 51 vac filler demonstrator

Parker 51 vac filler demonstrator. .

P-91: Parker 51 demi, vac fill

Parker 51 demi. Cedar blue vac filler (c 1947) - ExF.Parker 51 demi . Cedar blue vac filler. Cap with Gold filled converging vertical lines. Nib: fine, firm, smooth writing. Measures: 5- 1/8". Condition: ExF. 1947 was the last year of the demi vac filler.