P-1: Parker Duofold Sr.

Parker Duofold Sr (c1925) Black permanite. button filler, single gold filled cap band. Strong DUOFOLD imprint. Duofold nib: 122121 fine. firm with minimal flex. Measures: 5.5" capped. Condition: Extra fine


P-103: (cParker Duofold jr Sea Green pencil

Parker Duofold Jr Sea green pencil. perfect color. Excellent function. Measures: 4- 7/8" Condition: excellent

P-114: Parker Duofold Junior Mandarin Pencil,

Parker Duofold Mandarin junior Pencil (c 1927-30). Yellow Permanite barrel Gold filled clip. Fully restored. Strong barrel imprint. Full unused eraser and lead supply. No date code visible. Measures: 5 1/8" in length. Condition: extra fine. An excellent example of an early Duofold mandarin pencil.

P-12: Parker Duofold Jr. Marble black/yellow

Parker Duofold Jr Streamline (c1930) BF with excellent function. Cap and barrel black/yellow.marblized. faded, Nib: Excellent Parker deluxe. medium, very slight flex. Cap with GF double band. Measures: 4 9/16" capped. Condition: Aside from the faded barrel, this pen is in excellent overall condition.

P-16: Parker Lady Duofold Ringtop

Parker Lady Duofold (c.1920) BHR. BF function exc. Cap with wide GF band. Gold filled ring. Nib: "Parker duofold pen P" Med.very slight flex. Measures: 4 1/2" capped. Condition: ExF

P-19: Parker Lady Duofold

Parker Duofold - Ladies (c 1922) BHR Lucky Curve feed.BF. Sharp imprint. Nib: Parker no.5 medium with moderate flex. Restored with new sac. Measures 4 9/16" capped. Condition: Minimal fading blind cap otherwise ExF

P-20: Parker Duofold Jr. Streamline

Parker Duofold Jr. Streamline (c1930) Red permanite. Button Filler. Cap: double GF bands. Excellent function Nib: duofold fine with slight flex. Measures: 4.5" capped. Condition: Extra fine. Suitable for regular use or collection.

P-21: Parker Duofold Sr.

Parker Duofold. Sr "Big Red". (c 1926) Permanite. Button Filler. Function excellent. Minimal brass cap band. Nib: Parker Duofold. medium with moderate flex. Measures: 5.5 " capped. Condition: ExF

P-67: Parker Duofold Senior, Bandless, Black Chased Hard Rubber


Parker Duofold Senior, Bandless Chased Black Hard Rubber (c 1923-6). Button-filler. Cap and Barrel chasing is very good and shows minimal even wear. Barrel with excellent medium size "DUOFOLD Lucky Curve" imprint. Faint production ID? beneath imprint."SV.....". Completely restored with new silicone sac. Gold filled trim. Nib: No 6 "Duofold" with 2/4+ good flex. Excellent writer. Measures: 5.5" (13.9 cm) capped. Condition: Excellent. A very collectible early bandless duofold.

P-88: Parker Duofold Bandless Black Hard Rubber

Parker Duofold Sr. (c 1920) Early Bandless, smooth BHR. Preceded the bandless RHR. Largest "DUOFOLD" imprint. GF trim. clip Nib: Parker Duofold. Medium with semi-flex slight flex. Measures: 5.5". Condition: NrM. This early bandless black hard rubber pen is rarer than the red hard rubber counterpart and is highly collectible

P-9: Parker Duofold Jr.

Parker Duofold Jr. (c 1925) Black Permanite. BF function excellent. imprints sharp.. Double GF trim cap. band. Nib: Parker Duofold with semi-flex. Measures 4.5" capped. Condition: Exc.

P-97: Parker Duofold Senior Red Hard Rubber

Parker Duofold Senior Red Hard Rubber.BF. Cap and Barrel. Fully restored with silicone sac. Very slightly worn but well defined readable imprint. Medium size "Duofold" imprint. Gold filled trim, cap band and clip. Nib: Duofold 14k fine, firm. Measures: 5-1/2" capped. Condition: extra fine