P-18: Parker Lucky Curve Ringtop

Parker Lucky Curve (c 1918) BHR. BF. restored. function excellent. Ringtop. Imprint strong. Nib: Parker 27. Medium with slight flex. Measures: 4- 5/8" Condition: ExF.

P-25: Parker Pencil Gold Filled

Parker Pencil (c.1970) Gold Filled. Linear pattern. Function excellent. measures: 5-0 " . Condition: Exc

P-30: Parker Premier Noir

Parker Premium Noir pen (c 1976). Black plastic with gold filled trim. Piston type converter. Cap band marked, "Made in UK" Nib: Medium marked M on feed. Slight flex. 18 K 750 France. Measures: 5- 7/16 "capped. Condition: New old stock.

P-31: Parker 75 Ballpoint

Parker75 Ballpoint (c.1970) Black Laque cap with gold filled granular embossed barrel pattern. France. Cap activated. Measures: 5.1". Condition: Extra Fine

P-49: Parker 25 1/2

Parker 25 1/2 BCHR. Jack knife safety. Button Filler. Pre-duofold. Chasing is apparent but weak. Nickel Clip trim. Nib: Lucky Curve no 5 firm. Filling system excellent function. Measures: 137 mm capped. Condition: Excellent.. All parts original. No defects. Price: $450

P-56: Parker Liquid Pencil

Parker Liquid Lead Pencil (c.1946) Cap gold filled converging lines, black plastic barrel. Non-functional. (refill in barrel). Measures: 5-3/16" Condition: excellent. The Parker Liquid Lead pencil was a commercial failure and is a "collector's" item.

P-7: Parker BHR Lucky Curve

Parker no 2 Lucky Curve (c 1918). BHR smooth. BF. fully functional. GFT clip. Nib: Lucky curve no.2 Broad with slight flex. Measures: 5.3" capped. Condition: Extra fine.

P-77pncl: Parker True Blue pncl

Parker True Blue pencil (c 1928) .Perfect color. Mechanical advance fine. This pencil is NOT a set with the P-77 True Blue pen. It was manufactured in the late 1920s with the "standard" duofolds (straight cap and barrel). Measures: 4- 7/8 " Condition: Near Mint.

P-80: Parker No.1, Black Hard Rubber

Parker No.1 (c 1910) Black Hard Rubber, Eyedropper. Slight fading uniform. Lucky Curve feed. Sharp imprints. Nib: "Lucky Curve" Broad, max flex. Spread 1.0 mm. Measures: 5- 3/4" capped. Diameter: 3 /8". Condition: Extra Fine. Very collectible.