P-17: Parker Jack Knife Lucky Curve

Parker Jack Knife Safety. Lucky.Curve feed (c 1914) BHR with linear chasing. excellent function. Nib: Parker no. 2 semiflex..strong imprint. Measures: 4- 5/8 " Condition: Excellent.

P-18: Parker Lucky Curve Ringtop

Parker Lucky Curve (c 1918) BHR. BF. restored. function excellent. Ringtop. Imprint strong. Nib: Parker 27. Medium with slight flex. Measures: 4- 5/8" Condition: ExF.

P-25: Parker Pencil Gold Filled

Parker Pencil (c.1970) Gold Filled. Linear pattern. Function excellent. measures: 5-0 " . Condition: Exc

P-26: Parker 75 pen

Parker 75 pen (c. 1967) Insignia grid. Early model. flat tassies. Cap and Barrel - Gold filled cross hatch. Equipped with original aerometric type converter. Nib: Adjustable medium. Marked "M" on underside of feed. Slight flex. Measures: 5- 1/16" capped. Condition: Mint

P-27: Parker 75 Sterling Silver (Grid/Cisele)

Parker 75 pen (c 1962-8) Sterling Silver. (Grid (Cisele) pattern. Early model with flat tassies made in USA. Nib: 18 kt marked (750 France) medium with moderate flex. Piston type converter in place. Measures: 5- 1/16 capped Condition: ExF.

P-30: Parker Premier Noir

Parker Premium Noir pen (c 1976). Black plastic with gold filled trim. Piston type converter. Cap band marked, "Made in UK" Nib: Medium marked M on feed. Slight flex. 18 K 750 France. Measures: 5- 7/16 "capped. Condition: New old stock.

P-31: Parker 75 Ballpoint

Parker75 Ballpoint (c.1970) Black Laque cap with gold filled granular embossed barrel pattern. France. Cap activated. Measures: 5.1". Condition: Extra Fine

P-49: Parker 25 1/2

Parker 25 1/2 BCHR. Jack knife safety. Button Filler. Pre-duofold. Chasing is apparent but weak. Nickel Clip trim. Nib: Lucky Curve no 5 firm. Filling system excellent function. Measures: 137 mm capped. Condition: Excellent.. All parts original. No defects. Price: $450

P-56: Parker Liquid Pencil

Parker Liquid Lead Pencil (c.1946) Cap gold filled converging lines, black plastic barrel. Non-functional. (refill in barrel). Measures: 5-3/16" Condition: excellent. The Parker Liquid Lead pencil was a commercial failure and is a "collector's" item.

P-7: Parker BHR Lucky Curve

Parker no 2 Lucky Curve (c 1918). BHR smooth. BF. fully functional. GFT clip. Nib: Lucky curve no.2 Broad with slight flex. Measures: 5.3" capped. Condition: Extra fine.

P-77 pn: Parker True Blue Pen

Parker True Blue pen (c 1931) Perfect "True Blue" permanite color. BF with excellent function. The tapered cap and barrel are shape are typical of the the "streamlined" series manufactured between 1929-35). Nib: Parker Lucky Curve no. 3 fine, with excellent flex (spread >1.0 mm). Measures: 5-0". Condition: Near Mint.

P-77pncl: Parker True Blue pncl

Parker True Blue pencil (c 1928) .Perfect color. Mechanical advance fine. This pencil is NOT a set with the P-77 True Blue pen. It was manufactured in the late 1920s with the "standard" duofolds (straight cap and barrel). Measures: 4- 7/8 " Condition: Near Mint.

P-80: Parker No.1, Black Hard Rubber

Parker No.1 (c 1910) Black Hard Rubber, Eyedropper. Slight fading uniform. Lucky Curve feed. Sharp imprints. Nib: "Lucky Curve" Broad, max flex. Spread 1.0 mm. Measures: 5- 3/4" capped. Diameter: 3 /8". Condition: Extra Fine. Very collectible.

P-94: Parker metal ruler

Parker metal ruler.Prob. Aluminum. adv. distrib. via salesman. (c.c 1920).