P-34: Parker Vacumatic Major

Parker Vacumatic Major (c 1945) Excellent nickel trim. Nib: fine with little flex. Plastic Vac filler functions well. Measures: 5 1/8" capped. Condition: excellent .

P-36: Parker Vacumatic Debutante

Parker Vacumatic.golden pearl."A". (c.1942) waterclear.barrel. Imprint very good, but dating is not visible. Excellent function. Split Arrow clip. Nib: Measures: 4-7/8" capped. Condition: Extrafine.

P-37: Parker Vacumatic Standard

Parker Vacumatic Standard. (c 1944) (marked "4") Green Celluloid vac pattern. perfect match, cap, barrel and blind cap. Fully restored with excellent function. Cap with gold filled trim and blue diamond clip. Very clear barrel. Nib: fine, firm Measures; 5-1/8" capped. Condition: ExF

P-41: Parker Vacumatic Standard

Parker Vacumatic Standard (c 1946) Cap and Barrel black resin. Fully restored. Vac plastic filler excellent function. Sharp imprint (.6.) Nib: Fine-med with semi flex. Measures: 5-1/8" capped. Condition: Excellent.

P-43: Parker Vacumatic Debutante Jr.

Parker Vacumatic Debutante Jr. Brwn.shadow wave.Speedline.fill(.9.). .function+. GF fine nib. (c.1949).

P-61: Parker Vacumatic Major

Parker Vacumatic Major. Gray. restored. Funct+(.2.). Nick.trim.wide gf band (c.1942).

P-62: Parker Vacumatic Major

Parker Vacumatic Major d(c 1940) double jewel. speedline filling system. Excellent function. "Stacked coin" gold filled wide cap band. Barrel clear, Personalized. Nib: fine, firm. Very smooth writer. Measures: 5-1/16" capped. Condition: extra fine.

P-70: Parker Vacumatic Imperial

Parker Vacumatic Imperial. blk.spd.line.cap gf.alt lines(0.). 14ktgld.cap.trim.blue.dia (c.1940).

P-74: Parker Vacumatic Junior. Marble Burgundy/Black

Parker Vacumatic Junior.(c 1935). marked "45". (4th Q 1935). First generation. Burgundy/black.marblized celluloid. Lockdown filler. Excellent function. fully restored. Double jewel. Double GFT and cap bands. Nib: Parker Vacumatic arrow. fine-med, firm, Measures 4-7/8" closed. Condition: ExF.

P-75: Parker VacuumFiller

Parker VacuumFiller (c 1932). black laminate with one-piece section and barrel Strong imprint "Parkervacuumfiller.USA". Cap with double gold filled band. Nib: Early vacumatic split arrow, fine-med with slight flex. Lockdown filler. New diaphragm with excellent function. Measures: 5-1/8 capped. Condition: Extrafine.

P-82: Parker Vac.1st gen

Parker Vac.1st gen.Burgundy date not legible.db.jwl.Vac nib.lk down (c.1934-8).

P-83: Parker Vacumatic 1st. Gen.

Parker Vacumatic 1st Gen. silver pearl. barrel(.16).(c.1936) nib4. dbl.jewel.nickel trim.