DK-10: Parker Pen Base set

Parker Desk base .ceramic.mottled. (c 1930). Duofold jr. BF desk pen available at extra cost ($125)

DK-11: Carltonware Desk base, Hand painted, Oriental Motif

Carltonware Desk base. Orange, oriental motif, single pen holder with Parker duofold jr button filler desk pen included.

DK-12: Parker Pen base

Parker Desk base.(c1949) ceramic Duofold jr.pen medium firm nib. restored.

DK-13: Carltonware desk base

Carltonware desk base (c 1950-60). Lapis. Chinese motif. diamond shape. Single pen holder

DK-15: Murray-Gilbert dip pen/base

Murray-Gilbert dip pen with base (c.1850). Marble stand with enamel trim is in perfect condition. Dip pen is probably sterling silver, but us unmarked. Large fine nib is very flexible and smooth.

DK-6: Parker Marble, Lion. Desk Pen base with two Parker duofold jr pens.

Parker mottled marble base with cast Lion, dual Parker pen holders. Measures: 4 x10". Includes two Parker duofold jr button filler pens in extra fine Condition: Marble base is in perfect condition.

DK-9: Brass and Glass Ink well

Brass Ink well. with deco glass (c.1940).