S-12: Sheaffer Lifetime1000 (set)

Sheaffer Lifetime1000 (set). (c 1962). Chrome cap, gold filled cap band. Burgundy resin barrel. GFT. Cartridge fill (not included). Nib: Hooded Sheaffer's Lifetime fine, firm with minimal flex. Measures: 5 3/8" capped. Condition: Extra fine. Mechanical pencil with twist advance.

S-14: Sheaffer 305 Fine Line

Sheaffer 305 Fine Line (c 1961).Chrome/black resin..Cartridge filled. (cartridge not included).nickel trim. Nib: Sheaffer fineline 305. fine, firm. Measures: 5 3/8". Condition: Exc

S-15: Sheaffer Mechanical Pencil

Sheaffer Pencil (c 1938) Marbled Pearl/Black.Mechanical excellent function. Measures: 5 13/16" Condition: ExF

S-16: Sheaffer Touchdown

Sheaffer Touchdown (c 1960) Piston Filler (PF). Black resin plastic barrel. fully restored and functions very well. Chrome cap. Nib: Hooded fine, firm, smooth. Measures: 5 1/4" capped. Condition: Extra Fine

S-4: Sheaffer

Sheaffer Pencil. Black plastic. Mechanism excellent.Eraser + leads included. Measures: 5". Condition: ExF.

S-5: Sheaffer Touchdown Statesman

Sheaffer Touchdown Statesman Pen (C 1950-52). White dot. Cap and barrel black resin plastic. Fully restored. ready to use. GF cap band and trim. Nib: Sheaffer bitone. Fine, firm. PF (plunger filler) function excellent. Thin Model (TM), manufactured between 1950 and 1952. Measures: 5.5" capped. Condition: ExF