W-16: Waterman Glass Cartridge

Waterman Glass Cartridge Pen (c. mid 1940s). All parts original, Includes empty Waterman glass cartridge (easily filled with ink via a syringe) Gold filled cap with vertical linear markings, black plastic barrel. Nib: Waterman's 14ct fine, firm, smooth writer with minimal flex. Measures: 5.5" capped. Condition: ExF


W-17: Waterman Crusader

Waterman Crusader (1948) LF. excellent function. Barrel smooth black plastic. Strong imprint. Cap satin gold with alternating bands. Nib: Ideal medium-Broad with some flex. Measures: 5.25" capped. Condition: Exc.

W-18: Waterman Ripple 7 (purple)

Waterman Ripple 7 c 1928) Red ripple. Purple. LF with excellent function. Nib: "Purple", firm with slight flex. Advertised for "pressureless" writing appropriate for accountants. Barrel lmprint is good; Small engraved, "C HOPF". Cap band very slight brassing and gold plating loss. Measures: 5 3/8" Condition: Excellent.

W-32: Waterman LeMans 100 Opera

Waterman LeMans 100 (c 1987) Black Chased cap and barrel with open opera design. Cartridge converter. Nib: Ideal 750 18 kt. Broad with semiflex "Paris". Measures: 5-3/4" capped. Condition: Near mint. No sign of use. Made in France.

W-37: Waterman Safety 42 1/2 v

Waterman LE 42 1/2 safety.(c 1920). Cap and barrel black chased hard rubber. Ring top. New seals with excellent function. Nib: Waterman Ideal no 2 New York. fine, with excellent responsive flex. Waterman Imprints on barrel and cap are sharp. Measures: 87 mm capped. Condition and comment: So called "Baby" version. 42 1/2 V, marked on the end of the barrel. 4 = safety filling system, 2 = nib size, 1/2 = slender, V = short. There was a smaller safety pen made by Waterman, but this is the more common one, usually referred to as the "Baby." .