PE-10: Pelikan 800 Demonstrator, Early

Pelikan M800 Souveran. Green Demonstrator. first model. (c 1989) Special collectors edition. Translucent green acrylic. Piston Filler. Fully functional. Early cap logo with GFT trim cap. Cap lip marked "W.Germany" . Nib: 18 k gold, Medium with slight flex, very smooth. - Nib: 18K GOLD Size M - Manufactured only 3000 pieces. Measures: Oversize, 5.6" 14.1 cm capped. Condition: Mint. highly collectible.

PE-103: Pelikan 100 (Early)

Pelikan 100 (c 1931-2). PIF. Cap and turning know, black hard rubber. Binde rare gray pearl celluloid. Barrel window, clear amber. Section is lipped per circa 1932-3. Gold filled Clip and cap bands. Cap with. "Early Pelikan logo ( four Chicks with nest). The cap is imprinted "Pelikan Patented" and double vented. (two sets of two vent holes). Perfectly clear amber barrel window. Fully restored. Nib: Marked "Pelikan 14 Karat" Medium with excellent flex, Measures: 4- 5/8" capped. Condition: NrMint. This pen is an exceptional example of an early classic 100 and is very collectible.

PE-14: Pelikan 400

Pelikan 400 (c 1954-60) Striated green/yellow/black celluloid barrel. Black Cap with GFT. PIF with excellent function. Single gold filled cap band with minimal edge brassing. Nib: Pelikan. Broad ( Slight left oblique, marked OB) with moderate flex. Measures: 5" (126 mm) capped. Condition: Excellent pen for regular use.

PE-16: Pelikan 100 Wartime

Pelikan 100 (c 1942-44) . Wartime. Bakelite or Celluloid Cap and barrel. Cap with grooved double band and engraved "Emil Grohs". Cap logo with two chicks (post 1938). Excellent transparent green barrel window. Piston filler function excellent. Ebonite three lamella feed. GF clip. Slight oxidation cap top. Nib: Pelikan "CN" chrome/nickel steel. Medium firm with some flex. Measures: 4.75" capped. Condition: ExF. An exceptional example of an uncommon pen. Collectible

PE-17: Pelikan 400

Pelikan 400 (c 1964) PIF, blue/green celluloid barrel with early striation striation. Fully restored with excellent function. Cap with GFT, cap band edge shows minimal brassing. Nib: Screw in assembly with Pelikan 585 14Kt medium with responsive semi flex. Measures: 5-0" capped. Condition: Exc. User grade.

PE-20: Pelikan IBIS

Pelikan IBIS (c 1949-54) Black "Plastic". PIF.with excellent function. Barrel window clear. Nib: IBIS 585 14 Karat. medium, semi-flex. Excellent writer. Measures: 4.75". Condition: ExF.

PE-21: Pelikan 100N Lizard

Pelikan 100N (c1938) PIF, Lizard. Chrome/nickel clip and bands. Cap and barrel perfect match with sharply defined pattern. The binde is a perfect color and the barrel window is dark green, and clear. Two Chick cap logo. Nib: Pelikan 585 14Kt, fine with semi flex. Measures: 4 7/8" capped. Condition: near mint. An iconic pre-war Pelikan. Lizard pens with chrome/nickel clip and cap bands are relatively rare and especially collectible.

PE-22: Pelikan 101N Tortoise

Pelikan 101N (c 1935-7) Cap and barrel in celluloid tortoise. Section and piston mechanism turning knob in red hard rubber. Perfect function. Barrel window transparent, darkened amber. Gold filled trim excellent. Cap logo early 4 chick. Cap inscribed "Pelikan DRP". Cap top shows minimal crazing. Section stepped. Nib: "Pelikan 585 14 kt E", fine with moderate responsive flex. Measures 4-7/8" capped. Condition: Near mint. Rarely is this pen found in this near perfect condition.

PE-23: Pelikan Toledo 700

Pelikan Toledo 700. (c 1986) PIF. Cap and barrel engraved gold plate. Nib: Medium 18 Kt with moderate semi- flex. Measures: 5-0 " capped. Condition: MIB. This pen is mint in the original box with hand signed certificate (No 81L50). The Toledo is a masterpiece example of traditional craftsmanship. Each pen is hand-signed and hand-engraved in the venerable Toledo style. Each Toledo 700 fountain Pen is an individual masterpiece of traditional craftsmanship. The Toledo 700 Series fountain pen was a limited production in accord with the original Pelikan Toledo that was first issued in 1935 as one of the early innovative classic plunger pens. The Sterling Silver integrated barrel binde is gold-plated with 24K gold. The hand-signed 18K gold nib and clip is reminiscent of a pelican's beak.

PE-30: Pelikan M 800 Souveran Black

Pelikan M 800 Souveran (c 2000). PIF. Cap and Barrel black acrylic. GF trim cap band and clip. Cap band marked "SOUVERAN". Nib: Pelikan 18c 750 fine, firm. Measures; 5-5/8". Condition: New Old Stock

PE-33: Pelikan Rappen Pump Filler

Pelikan Rappen Pump Filler (c 1932) Bulb Pump Filler. Cap: black celluloid cap and barrel with clear green window. Excellent function. Nib: IBIS, firm with CN minimal flex. Excellent writer. Measures: 4-1/2" capped. Condition: New old stock. An excellent example of a very early classic Pelikan Rappen bulb filler. Very Collectible .

PE-34: Pelikan 100 CN nib

Pelikan 100 (1939-49) PIF. Cap: black celluloid, gold filled trim, double cap bands. Barrel: marbleized green pearl binde. Very clear green visulated barrel window. Smooth piston turning knob. Logo: two chick post 1938. Perfect function with new piston seal. Nib: Pelikan steel CN, medium with responsive 2/4+ semiflex. Measures; 4-3/8" capped. Condition: Extra fine..

PE-36: M800 First Year set

Pelikan M 800 Early, first year set (c1987). Cap black acrylic. Barrel green celluloid. Gold filled trim. Cap Band marked, "W.Germany", slight edge brassing. Cap logo first year. Exceptional Nib: Pelikan 18C- 850. OB. broad with moderate flex. Measures: 5-5/8"capped. Condition: near Mint. A relatively rare very collectible M 800 pen. Available as a set with matching pencil. Pencil cap green striped celluloid black acrylic barrel

PE-38: Pelikan 100 N Tortoise (emege)

Pelikan 100 N (c 1938-42) PIF. Cap and Barrel light tan celluloid. Cap, section and turning knob red hard rubber. Barre binde matching celluloid. Perfectly clear green visualated window. Cap: imprinted, "emege" and two chick logo. Nib: "Pelikan 585 14 kt" , fine with 2/4+ semiflex responsive flex. Measures 4-7/8" capped. Condition: Near mint. Rarely is this pen found in near perfect condition.

PE-39: Pelikan 100 N Tortoise

Pelikan 100 N (c 1938-42) PIF. Cap, section and piston knob in red hard rubber. Barrel binde red-brown tortoise shell celluloid. Perfectly clear green transparent window darkened. Cap two chick logo. Nib: "Pelikan 585 14 kt" , fine-medium with 2/4+ responsive flex. Measures 4-7/8" capped. Condition: Near mint.

PE-40: Pelikan 100 N (Grey Pearl Marble, emege, Set)

Pelikan 100 N (c 1938-42) PIF. cap, section turning knob black celluloid. Cap imprinted, "emege". Barrel green visualized window, binde, grey/black marbleized celluloid. Nib: "Pelikan 14C-585 with moderate flex. Measures: 4-7/8" capped. Condition: Near Mint

PE-42: Pelikan 100N Magnum

Pelikan 100N Magnum (Oversize) (c 1935-6). Cap, inner cap and piston turning knob are red hard rubber. Cap imprint "emege", "Pelikan Patent". Cap logo four chick/nest. Barrel: Brown-cream tortoise shell celluloid. Nib: Original Pelikan 14 KT subtended by the distinctive triangle, fine with 2/4+ semiflex. Measures; 5-0" capped. Condition: Near mint. The Magnum retains many of the features of the 100 series manufactured between 1929 and 1937 and pre-dates the initial production of the 100N in 1937. While "oversized", it is only fractionally longer and wider than the 100 series. It is the largest vintage pen manufactured by Pelikan prior to 1950 and is relatively rare, especially in near mint condition and very collectible.

PE-44: Pelikan 100 Demonstrator

Pelikan 100 Demonstrator. PIF. Produced by Rick Propas. Early BHR cap with two pairs of vent holes and early 4 chick logo. Removable green marbled binde over clear light green barrel. Excellent function. New cork. Nib: Pelikan 14 karat. fine-medium with semiflex. Measures; 4-13/16" capped. Condition: Near Mint

PE-46: Pelikan 101 N Tortoise, short cap top

Pelikan 100 N. PIF. Tortoise celluloid cap, barrel binde and piston knob. Short cap top. Marblized brown pearl binde. Barrel as is usually the case is very slightly darker than the cap. Cap logo: four chick, distinct but not sharp. Fully restored with excellent function . Nib: Pelikan, fine with responsive semi flex. "Pelikan 585 14 kt". Measures: 4-3/4"capped (124 mm) . Condition: Extra fine. This relatively uncommon pen in this condition is highly collectible.

PE-47: Pelikan 400NN

Pelikan 400NN (c 1954-56) Piston filler. GFT. Blue-Green striated barrel. Nib: Pelikan, medium with semi flex. Measures: 5-1/8" ( 130 mm). Condition: Extra fine.

PE-48: Pelikan 100 N with 400 striated binde Prototype

Pelikan 100N. c1954. PIF. Red cap (acrylic?) with double gold filled band. Celluloid barrel has a perfectly clear green window and striking irregular 400 type striped. Nib: Medium, with semi flex. Markings are typical of the early Pelikan 1950 nib. Measures: 4-15/16 "(124 mm) capped. Condition: Near mint with no signs of use. Price: $2,500. This unique 100N/400 prototype/ transition model utilizes a 400 nib style striped binde and is relatively rare, possibly one-of-a-kind. Measures: 4-7/8" (123 mm) capped. Condition: Near Mint. This rare pen in near mint condition is highly collectible. Ref: Pelikan Schreibgerate/Writing Instruments 1929-2004 page 65

PE-49: Pelikan 100 N Milano Pen Pencil Set

Pelikan 100 N Milano (c 1950). Barrel with Integrated gray marbleized binde material. Cap marked "Milano". Nib: Fine, semi flex, "Pelikan 585 14 kt. Measures: 4-13/16" (123 mm) capped. Condition: Extra fine. Pencil: with matching binde, push button function, excellent function. This relatively rare pen and pencil set is highly collectible. It was produced in Milan, Italy shortly after the end of WW II. Pelikan transfered all hard rubber production to Italy when the Company adopted injection molding technology.

PE-50: Pelikan 100N Milano (Germania)

Pelika 100N Milano (c1940) PIF Pen: Cap and turning knob BHR, Barrel integrated green marblized celluloid, clear green window. Gold filled trim. Nib: .... Measures: 4- 7/8" (124mm). Condition: near mint. Excellent example of a Pelikan Milano with GERMANIA cap inscription. manifold nib. Collectible.

PE-50: Pelikan Milano 100N (Germania)

Pelikan Milano 100N PIF Pen: Cap and turning knob BHR, Barrel integrated green marbleized celluloid, clear green window. Gold filled trim. Pre-1947 step down section. Excellent function filling . Cap top in marked "Germania". Two chick cap top logo. Nib: KF with semiflex . Condition: near mint. Highly collectible rare example of "Germania" inscribed cap

PE-51: Pelikan 100N Milano (Grey Marble)

Pelikan Milano 100N Hard Rubber cap, section, piston knob. Grey (very special) marble; PF; minimal fading of section and barrel; fully restored: Nib: KF with excellent flex. Measures: 4- 7/8" (124mm). Condition: Extra fine. Excellent example of a Pelikan Milano with a KF manifold nib. Collectible.