PE-10: Pelikan M800 Demonstrator, Limited Edition

Pelikan M800 Demonstrator. The first Pelikan Limited Edition. None of these M800s are identifiable as limited editions as the pens themselves are not numbered. This green demonstrator was released for sale in 1992. A total of 3000 M800 fountain pens were set aside specifically for the North American market.

PE-101: Pelikan K 450 Souveran Ballpoint

Pelikan K450 Souveran ballpoint. Cap button activated. Brown striated tortoise over black resin barrel. Barrel personalized with short name. Gold filled trim. Double cap band. Measures: 134 mm. Condition: Extra fine. Excellent for regular use and collection.

PE-103: Pelikan 100 (c 1932)

src=""> Pelikan 100 (c 1931-2). PIF. Cap and turning know, black hard rubber. Binde rare gray pearl celluloid. Barrel window, clear amber. Section is lipped per circa 1932-3. Gold filled Clip and cap bands. Cap with. "Early Pelikan logo ( four Chicks with nest). The cap is imprinted "Pelikan Patented" and double vented. (two sets of two vent holes). Perfectly clear amber barrel window. Fully restored. Nib: Marked "Pelikan 14 Karat" Medium with excellent flex, Measures: 4- 5/8" capped. Condition: This pen is a fine, near mint example of an early classic 100 and is very collectible.

PE-104: Pelikan 100 Olive Green

Pelikan early. c 1930-31 (second year) original black hard rubber Cap and early olive green "mottled" bind. Piston Filler. Cap lip has a small 1.5 mm (visible with 10X mag ) sealed hairline crack. Nib: heart shape vent, with excellent flex. Measures: 117 mm capped. Condition: Extra fine. Very Rare and highly collectable . See: s

PE-105: Pelikan 100 green marblized

Pelikan 100 (c. 1933 ?) Piston Fill. Gold filled trim. Cap: black celluloid. Double vent holes (four). Early Pelikan logo ( four Chicks with nest). Barrel: rich light green marbleized. Nib: Pelikan 14 kt, fine with good responsive flex. Fully restored with excellent function. Measures: 120 mm capped. Condition: near mint. Excellent example of an early Pelikan 100 very suitable for collection.

PE-108: Pelikan 140 Green

Pelikan 140 Solid Green (1956-65); Piston Fill, gold filled trim, mint with original label. Nib: Pelikan 14C 585 Medium. Perfectly clear green ink window. Function excellent; Measures: 125 mm. Condition: Mint. Suitable for regular use or collection..

PE-114: Pelikan 100 grey black marblized

Pelikan 100 (c 1947-50). Piston Fill. Cap: black Celluloid cap, double gold filled cap band. Nickel clip. Barrel marblized grey binde with a very clear green visualated barrel window. Two chick logo. Excellent function with new piston seal . Nib: Pelikan 585 14 karat, fine with good responsive semi flex. Measures: 4-3/4 " (118 mm) capped. Condition: extra fine.

PE-116: Pelikan 120 Merz & Krell

Pelikan 120 Type II. Merz & Krell manufacture (c 1973-77). Black resin cap with green barrel. Piston Filler. Nib: Pelikan medium, firm. Measures: 132 mm. Condition: near mint. Suitable for regular use. The original Type I Pelikan 120 was a standard school fountain pen in the 1950/65. The Type II, Merz & Krell 120 production was initiated in 1973. When compared with the Type I Pelikan 120, the Merz and Krell version can be distinguished by: A flatter, less curved grip section; a broader clip; longer barrel; the absence of a lip between the barrel and piston knob (no step between the two pieces); the cap lip is beveled. In addition, the cap threading, nib collar and feed are different and not compatible with other Pelikan models. The Merz and Krell Pelikans are very well made, function extremely well and represent an excellent value


PE-117: Pelikan M400 Souveran Pen Ballpoint set

Pelikan M400 Souveran Pen and Ballpoint set. Pen with Black resin cap and green striated barrel, piston filler, Gold filled trim, Nib: Pelikan 585 broad with moderate flex. Measures:125 mm capped. Condition: Near Mint. Matching K400 ballpoint pen with green striated cap and black resin barrel. Twist action. Near Mint condition. Measures: 120 mm capped. . Excellent for regular use and collection.

PE-12: Pelikan 400 Tortoise Shell-Brown Pen/Pencil Set

Pelikan 400 Pen and Pencil Set.(c 1950-54). Caps: Brown Celluloid. Barrels: tortoise shell brown. Piston filler. Gold filled trim. Nib: Early Pelikan (1950-54). Oblique Broad (OB) with moderate flex. Filler knob marked OM. Fully restored. Pen measures: 125 mm capped. Condition: Near Mint. Push button activated pencil functions well. Measures: 128 mm. The set is suitable for regular use or collection.


PE-123: Pelikan 100 N green-grey tortoise shell

Pelikan 100N (c 1938-41) Cap: Black Celluloid, Barrel binde: Green-grey marbled tortoise shell, Piston fill, Gold filled trim; Two chick logo. Nib: Pelikan 585 14 KARAT, fine with good responsive flex. Excellent function. Measures:122 mm capped. Condition: Overall exceptionally fine. Suitable for regular use or collection. Note: Binde inscribed "Ingeborg Meyer". (1920 - 2001) was one of the best known illustrators of children's books in the German Democratic Republic.[1][2]

PE-124: Pelikan 400NN

Pelikan 400 NN (c 1954-60) Piston Filler. Gold filled trim. Cap: Black resin. Cap lip inscribed "Germany Pelikan 400". Barrel: green striated. Nib: Marked Pelikan 14C 585 (DF) for copy writing. Excellent function. Measures: 133 mm capped. Condition: near mint. No evidence of prior use. Suitable for regular use or collection.

PE-126: Pelikan 400 NN Taylorix

Pelikan 100 N Manufactured for Taylorix circa 1950. Cap and Barrel: Black resin plastic. Perfectly clear green barrel window. Gold filled trim. Fully restored with excellent function. Barrel engraved: "Taylorix 6-GP D09". The nib is engraved Taylorix 585, dual vented (copy), fine, firm, gold. Measures: 122 mm capped. Condition: near mint. This is perhaps one of the most prototypical Pelikan-made Taylorix variants. If has the exact same shape and style as a standard 100N but is devoid of any of the standard Pelikan branding. The cap top is smooth and lacks the two chick logo or other engraving. This black model has the typical green ink window, two gold filled cap bands, and a tear drop clip. The barrel is engraved with the Taylorix logo followed by the standard coding. For details of the coding and an exceptional outstanding discussion of the Pelikan manufactured Taylorix pens see:

PE-130: Pelikan Originals of Their Time 1935 Jade Green

Pelikan "Originals of Their Time". Jade Green Limited Edition #2241/4000. Nib: 18 kt 750 Medium. Manufactured in Germany in 1998. It is an exact replica of its famous predecessor originally produced in 1935 and the second of a limited edition series of historic Pelikan pens . It is composed of jade geeen celluloid with 18 kt trim and has a black hard rubber end piece. It is piston filling. Measures: 116 mm capped. Condition: near mint. It shows no sign of prior use. The original box, papers are not available. Very suitable for regular use or a collection.

PE-132: Pelikan 100

Pelikan 100. (c 1939). piston fill. Cap and Barrel black celluloid. Cap logo: 4 chick, sharp. Section smooth. Nib: Pelikan 14 ct. medium-broad.. with outstanding responsive flex. Transparent green barrel ink view. Measures:117 mm capped. Condition: Extra fine, with no defects. . Very suitable for regular use.

PE-133: Pelikan 100

Pelikan 100 c 1948 Piston Filler. Black celluloid cap and filler knob. Two chick logo. Barrel: Acrylic replacement, light amber with excellent marbled green/black binde. Nib: Pelikan 585 14 kt. medium with responsive good flex. Excellent function. New cork piston seal. Measures: 118 mm capped. Condition: Extra fine. Excellent for regular use.

PE-136: Pelikan 100

Pelikan 100 (1948). Piston Filler. Cap, barrel black celluloid. Excellent gray marbleized binde. Nib: Pelikan 585 14 kt, extra fine, very good responsive flex. Measures: 119 mm capped. Condition: Fully restored with new seal, excellent function. Overall extra fine and very suitable for regular use.

PE-137: Pelikan M800

Pelikan M800 Souveran Black/Green. (c. 2020). Nib: 18C Fine. Piston Filler. Measures: 136 mm capped. Condition: Mint in box and very suitable for daily use or a collection .

PE-138: Pelikan 100N

Pelikan 100N 1938-49 PF, GFT, cap and barrel, blk celluloid, Nib: Pelikan 585 fine. Plastic seal, Section stepped. Measures:123 mm capped. Condition: extrafine. Measures: 124 mm. Condition: Extra fine. Suitable for regular use or a collection.

PE-139: Pelikan P1 rolled gold

Pelikan P1. (c 1958-63). Piston Filler. Rolled gold (Double L) cap, black celluloid barrel. with original label. Nib: The Pelikan 585, medium hooded nib is firm with little flex but very smooth. Measures: 134 mm capped. Condition: New old stock, near mint; rarely found in this near mint condition. Very suitable for regular use or a collection.

PE-141: Pelikan 500

Pelikan 500 1950-56 Piston Fill, Rolled gold cap. Very superficial small dents. Barrel: celluloid, green/black striated. filler knob end mild brassing. Nib: Pelikan 585, Oblique Broad (OB) with excellent responsive flex. . Measures: 122 mm capped. Condition: extra fine. Very suitable for regular use .

PE-144: Pelikan 500

Pelikan 500 (c 1950-56). Piston Filler. Cap and knob rolled gold. Barrel with green striations and excellent transparency. Cap marked "Pelikan, Double L" Nib: Pelikan 585. oblique fine with very good responsive flex. Barrel marked (F) export. Measures: 124 mm capped. Condition: Extra fine. Suitable for regular use or a collection.

PE-145: Pelikan 500 NN pen and 555 Ballpoint

Pelikan Pen 500 NN pen. 550 Ballpoint set. (c 1955) Rolled gold caps. Brown tortoise barrels. Pen nib: 14C 585, fine, with good responsive flex. Fully restored with excellent function. Pen cap rim and clip ring shows minor brassing. No other defects. Measures: 132 mm closed. Condition: extra fine. Very suitable for regular use or a collection.

PE-146: Pelikan 350 Red lead Pencil

Pelikan 350 (c 1938-54) Red Lead Pencil. Designed as a companion piece for the Pelikan 100N. Red clip nut cap activated. Green marbled top over black barrel. "Pelikan, Gunther Wagner" inscription is present along the topmost portion of the upper barrel. Excellent function with supply of red lead included. Measures: 127 mm capped. Condition: Extra fine. Suitable for regular use or a collection.

PE-151: Pelikan 400 desk pen base and pen (Milano)

Pelikan 400 Desk pen base and Desk Pen. (c 1952-60) Piston fill. Nib: Pelikan 565 14 Kt medium. Perfect function. Measures: Base: 115x165 mm. Pen: length 190 mm. Condition: Mint in box and very suitable for daily use or a collection .