MB-10: Montblanc Mechanical Pencil (165)

Montblanc 165 (c 1980) Classical Montblanc mechanical pencil with twist Cap and Barrel black precious resin with GFT . Hi polymer 0.7 mm lead and eraser. Measures: 5 1/2". Condition: Near Mint .

MB-15: Montblanc 134

Montblanc 134 (c1940). PIF. Black Celluloid. slightly ambered long window. Fully restored, with excellent function. Nib: 14 ct broad two tone gold plated, very flexible. Tine spread approximately 1.0 mm. Gold filled single cap band. Sharp imprints: DRP 652405. Measures: 5-0 " capped. Condition: extra fine

MB-2: Montblanc 149

Montblanc 149 (c1975-80).PIF. Cap and Barrel black resin. "Germany" on clip band. fully restored with excellent function. Perfectly clear striped barrel window. Nib: bicolor 14ct. fine-medium with good flex, width ranging from 0.48-81 mm, very smooth. Split ebonite feed and plastic filler knob threads. Measures: 6-0" capped. Condition: Near Mint.

MB-21: Montblanc 32 S

Montblanc 32 S (c 1965) PIF, Stainless Steel Cap. Matted gold Trim. Black "precious" resin. "S" indicates "Stahl" (steel - Ger). The piston filling system is excellent and the faceted barrel window is perfectly clear. This is the only Montblanc pen, other than the Monte Rosa pens, with a steel cap. Nib: Fine-medium, responsive smooth writer. Measures: 5-3/16 " capped. Condition: Mint with original nib size label.

MB-29: Montblanc 146

Montblanc 146 (c 1990) PIF. Black "Precious Resin" plastic. GPT. Clear striated barrel window. Nib: Bi-tone, medium with semi-flex. Measures: 5- 3/4" capped. Condition: Near Mint.

MB-3: Montblanc 146 (1949)


Montblanc 146 (c 1949) PIF . Cap and barrel : Black Celluloid. (pre- precious resin). Gold filled trim. Early long visualated amber barrel window with perfect pinstriped linear striations Fully restored with new cork. Excellent function. Nib: Broad, bi-tone with good flex. Early flat slope feed. Excellent writer. Measures: 5-7/16 capped. Condition: Extra Fine. Very collectible. An excellent example of an early relatively rare Montblanc 146.

MB-30: Montblanc 146 (early)

Montblanc 146 G (c 1955-60) Celluloid Black with Gold fillled trim. Nib: Two tone broad flexible left oblique (OBB- linear script width 1.2 mm) with excellent responsive flex, typical dark ambering of early window with linear striations. Early rounded ebonite feed with full length grooves. Filler threads brass. Measures: 5- 5/16" capped. Condition: ExF. Collectible and very suitable for regular use.

MB-31: Montblanc Mechanical Pencil 165

Montblanc 165 (c 1980) Classical Montblanc mechanical pencil with twist Cap and Barrel black precious resin with GFT . Hi polymer 0.7 mm lead and eraser. Measures: 5 1/2". Condition: Mint in Box with papers.

MB-32: Montblanc Ballpoint Pen 164

Montblanc Ballpoint pen 164 (c 1980-85) Cap and Barrel in black precious resin. GFT. Twist mechanism. Measures: 5.5" capped. Condition: New Old Stock (original price label)

MB-38: Montblanc 334 1/2

MB 334 1/2 (c 1950) Piston Filler. Black Celluloid with GFT. Fully restored with new cork. Perfectly clear barrel window. Nib: MB 14c OB (broad) with excellent flexibility. Barrel and cap mprints excellent. Measures: 4-3/4" capped. Condition: extra fine. Collectible and an excellent writer.

MB-43: Montblanc 12

Montblanc 12 (c 1960-70) PIF Black Ebonite with transparent ink window, Gold-plated cap ring and clip. Cardinal's hat cap with gold filled triangles. Fully restored. Nib: Montblanc hooded wing medium, firm. Measures: 5-1/8" capped. Condition: Extrafine. Excellent smooth writer. Collectible

MB-45: Montblanc Carrera 5225

Montblanc Carrera 5225 (c 1971-79) Cartridge fill. Metal with black cap and gray barrel. Nib: Montblanc hooded fine-medium firm. Measures: 5-1/2" capped. Condition: New Old Stock. The Montblanc Carrera line was launched during the 1970s to replace the "Monte Rosa" series. It came in matt black/yellow plastic and matt black/brushed steel. The clip has 6 holes, possibly referring to the famous 6-cylinder engine and the 6-speed gear box of the Porsche Carrera.

MB-47: Montblanc 442

Montblanc 442 (1952-54) PIF. Black Celluloid barrel, chrome cap. visualated amber barrel window. Fully restored. Nib: "Multipurpose", medium-broad.Reponsive, excellent smooth writer. Measures: 5-1/8" capped. Condition: Extra fine. Very suitable for daily use

MB-51: Montblanc 262

Montblanc 262 (c 1954-57) Piston Filler. Cap and barrel black celluloid. Visualated clear barrel window. Fully restored. Nib: Montblanc 14C medium-broad, semi flex. "ski slope" feed. Measures: 5-0" capped. Condition: Extra fine.

MB-58: Montblanc 342

Montblanc 342 (1957-60) PIF. Black Celluloid cap and barrel. Clear barrel window. Cap personalized with initials. Fully restored. Nib: Montblanc 14c. medium, firm. Measures: 5-5/8"capped. Condition: Extra fine

MB-63: Montblanc 146

Montblanc 146 (c 1990) Piston filler. Black precious resin cap and barrel. Perfectly clear window. Brass piston threads. Fully restored. Nib: bi-tone. Med-Broad. Firm, semi flex. Clip band very slight brassing, imprinted "Germany". Measures: 5 5/8" (143 mm) capped. Condition: Extra fine. Condition: Extra fine.

MB-67: Montblanc 256

Montblanc 256. (c1954-56) "The Big One". Piston Filler. Black celluloid, cap and barrel. The barrel window clear, minimal ink stained. New piston cork with excellent function. Winged OB nib with good responsive flex (see Jens Rosler Montblanc and Collectible Guide- pg 28). Measures: 5 3/8" (136 mm) capped. Condition: Extra fine. This handsome, high quality large pen, manufactured using traditional technology is approximately the same size as the current Montblanc 146 LeGrand.

MB-68: Montblanc 244 Green Marble

Montblanc 244 (1950-54) PF. Green marbled celluloid. (turn knob action) Marked "DF". Nib: medium with excellent flex. Measures: 4-15/16" (127 mm). Condition: Near mint. The color of this pen is striking and very collectible.

MB-69: Montblanc 14

Montblanc 14 (1950-54) Piston Filler. Black Resin "Cardinal" cap. Marked "Montblanc/Meisterstuck 14" on cap band. GFT, clear barrel window. Nib; Partially hooded. Fine-Med with responsive semi flex. Measures: 5- 7/16" (137 mm). Condition: Near Mint. An excellent high quality pen suitable for daily use.

MB-70: Montblanc 322

Montblanc 322 (1935-38) Push button filler. Pearl/black marbled celluloid. Nib: Warranteed 14 kt. fine, relatively firm with semiflex. Ex fine. ref Rosler MB Diary pg 82. Measues: 5-0 " ( 127 mm). Condition: Extra fine. This pen is relatively uncommon, in outstanding condition and very collectible.

MB-72: Montblanc 3-42G

Montblanc 3-42G PF. Black celluloid, cap and barrel, fully restored. Gold filled trim . Cap band brassed. Nib: Montblanc, Medium with semi flex, gold (14 C). Measures: 5-0" capped. Condition: Overall extra fine other than cap band brassing .

MB-76: Montblanc 142

Montblanc 142 (c 1950) PIF Cap and Barrel Black Celluloid with GFT. Fully restored. Nib: Montblanc bitone 14 ct oblique/fine with excellent flex, original flat early ski-slope ebonite feed. Measures: 5-0" capped. Condition: ExF to near Mint. This 1950s model 142 compares to the 1930s model 132 in terms of overall quality. No smaller pens of this quality level were produced.

MB-77: Montblanc 146 (Blue barrel Window)

Montblanc 146 (c 1970-80) PIF. Black resin cap and barrel. GFT. the mid cap band engraved "Meisterstuck". Clip band: "Germany". Pen pre-dates serial numbering. Barrel window clear blue-gray. Piston filling knob has black plastic (resin) threads. Fully restored. Nib: 14K monochrome fine- medium with good semi flex. Proper ebonite rounded split feed. Measures 5 5/8 inches (14.3 cms) long capped and 6 3/8 inches (16.2 cms) with cap posted. Condition: Near Mint. The blue window, mono-color nib and ebonite feed was phased out in the early 1980s for the modern striped ink window, bi-color nib and plastic feed. Very suitable for regular use or collection.

MB-79: Montblanc 149

Montblanc 149 (c 1980-85). Black Resin cap and barrel. Piston filler. Fully restored with new cork. Nib: bi-tone.fine-medium, firm with some flex. Feed: solid ebonite. Cap band imprint "GERMANY". Excellent function. Measures: 5 7/8" (150mm) capped. Condition: Near Mint.

MB-9: Montblanc Ballpoint (164)

Montblanc ballpoint 164 (c 1985) Cap and Barrel in black precious resin. GFT. Twist mechanism. Measures: 5.5" Condition: new old stock (original price label)